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Sunday, 31 July 2011

start again!

it is the night that i come again to my blog. well it was long time that i was not here. but i am back.
i try to write again, as i want to encourage myself. for me writing is like makes u have a guidelines for ur self that come from ur head and come through ur heart and u act to realize it. it happens because u write because u think about it. thats why for me bloogging for me its just like write what u feel, what u think, what u interest to, and tell to universe all of about it.

and know lets start one topic
about how to start a good day.
well for me its hard because i am insomnia person. Especially when i have problem.
but i ever watch oprah show. she did to try to explain that u start ur day try with wake up directly. Dont pussy act like sleep again after u wake up. and then try to drink a cup mineral water. nad then do ur breakfast. it so important but sometimes people forget about the joy of breakfast. it tells us that when u have a breakfast don't do it in a rush but enjoy because it start a positive day, maybe u can add with a nice songs.

after that do a shower and spray ur best perfume and smell it deeply. and then wait for secon see ur mirror, make sure that u have nice preparation and the day.

and the most important is start ur day with 5 minutes pray at least. it helps u create ur spirit to start ur day. it works believe me.

n now lets start all of that.
lets see what happens :)

Thursday, 23 December 2010

welcome 25 years old!

today 24th December 2010.....
its my bday for 25 years old!
i am so happy...
i can see a lot joy that God has been created like a beautiful song that King David sing.

i am grateful for Jesus as my savior....
even sometimes i am disappointed but create a million ways to make me understand Him as my God....
i am grateful for all my prays that come true and thanks for still loves me
i am human ans u are my God.....
i dont know how to say thanks to You, but i just whisper HALLELUJAH....

i am grateful for the new age that God prepare for me
i am grateful for the new days that i will have
i am grateful for the promise day that God always give me
i am grateful for spirit and every sweat that i have through all my days
i am so grateful for God that create my families
they like angels that fly and take care my days
i remember how they take care me, make me laugh, make me strong through all words
i love my families....from families i know exactly what definition LOVE...
MAULIATE Opa, Oma, Abdi, Jon, Irena, Bungsui...
since i was young, i has knwon ur love Opa, Oma...........
love u all
n God make them happy and proud being having me!
i am grateful for my study, my best friends, friends, and all the people know and i know..

u are part of my days forever

i am grateful for everything GOD.....
thanks for create me as i am

Abba Jesus....

make me as a man that make u proud
make me as a son that my parents will be proud
make me as a man can stand on my feet
make me as a man that can work for my daily life....
make me as a man that people surrounding me can be believed, can be loved

my my new year will be a great year
i can see my bright day...
i can finish my final project at ur time, work at USA at ur time
i can start my own company
i can make my parents proud
i can make money from my talent
i know exactly what u want from me

give me strength to work in ur plan
give me a creativity to build myself with ur talent that u give
give me spirit and faith to run in these world
give me wisdom to choose the right way in my life
give me humble heart
give me spirit which is not easy to attack
give me The preferred manner of people and authority of God
give me a job
give me best friends
give me happiness and joyful in my days




Thursday, 7 October 2010

Ji-A 25th!

In these times, i come to obamas again...
I tell u somethin’ that the circle of life spin’ so sweet...
Now its October!
Suprise, yes i am!
I dont expect that it will come soon.
But it means i must work more harder and more focus...
A lot of my dreams still i cant see
The journey in His land still amazing....
Even in the lowest life i can see a hope out there...
Even in the sadest life i taste a sweet out there....
I am so HAPPY when i remember my last 10 months ago, when the story is begin....
I must run, put all my heart and my idea and my thought more n more to get my dream!
I will spend my time work hardly to make my amazing 25th!
I will see big smile....
N in 25th i will put the big and important step to my life
It will be a rock when i can stand till one day i will fly...
Come on come on Ji-A you can!
Yes we can! Work hard time is coming!

Friday, 23 July 2010

O dream board

In these year i will celebrate my 25th bday...
i want my dreams can come true...
i will achieve it soon...
to make it more real i make dream board that i learned from Oprah...
At her show, i saw someone with his board can get what he dream!

I have some dreams:

i have some songs that can be sing by BeeYonce,
i can make my parents proud...n more proud
i have my own company
i help poor people...

but now...
i need a holiday
even short but if it is so wonderful i will be thankful
i want BALI....

n in the next semester i have two best achievement again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i need three skill...
1. speaking in front of people
2. singing well
3. write a beautiful n sweet song
i have two more
4. creativity with integrity
5. encouraging people to get their dream...
oooooo...God hears meplz
i love you...

Monday, 5 July 2010

When i start my day, i always pray that i can come to the better place where i can push myself to reach every little step to my dreams. yup!
i must wake up and run with all the energy that i have, because sun goes down soon
well i know that my dram has limit but sometimes the time comes around without any sign to make focus on my way. I lost sometimes...
I taste a sweet for bitter taste sometimes, because i am fool.

Time clicking and smile so sweet to make me remeber again to my dream...
After i realize it, i pray that all my days will bright like a sun in summer, so hot but its so beautiful.

Today i have a dream to join to a journey
a journey that shows me there is no impossible things in the world
i will see there is a way
a way to put my soul in every word in my song
i will tell how my heart so emotional
because tahts what i am

my dream is when i can see their eyes amazed to what God give me to my talent
i can put beautiful melody one by one
i can write phenomenal story about twins that i have imagined
i can get triumph

now there's no evidence
but i will still dream and work hard to get my dream
while i am dreaming, i whisper to the sky
the sky will hear it,
HE will bring my dream become true...
each day i will see
my dream comes true in every step
and one day i will smile and praise Him.
Love u!

Saturday, 26 June 2010

if u hopeless,close ur eyes
because u need some rehab
but don't forget tomorrow there's another story

if u breakdown, smile boy
even we need some tears
but don't forget tomorrow there's another stroy

it starts when the sun rises
put energy, put spirit, put passion
in every step, every move u make
run till the finish to get ur crazy dream
build every little story become the another story

Monday, 31 May 2010

Little pray for a big dream

after a long time...
finally i come again!
i just learned about how life make me become someone. Sometimes joys make understand that the world is so beautiful, n tears make understand that the world needs love....
Everyday is a unique story because there are many surprises. I love surprise.

talk about surprise, i have unique idea. every day i will write my wishes to do when i start a day.
i will write in these pages. so when i get my prays come true, i will show the world there are many wishes that come true, so why we must be afraid to dream.

N start right here right now forever n ever more...

my prays today are:
- today, many people that i ask to buy my product will buy it....
- i will understand my lesson for my mid-test so i will get best achievement again!
- i will finish one great design for my t shirt
- i have a nice group study today
- i have a nice breakfast, lunch, dinner, and the most important thing is nice n tight sleep
- someone, call me with a nice talk n someone is the one that i miss so much
- i have great style today
- i have a great day...

now lets us see what will i get for today...
but i am thankful because i have strength from heaven today to wake up,n to see my prays become true...

i know the sky made for me
as human i will scream out to the sky
n heaven will hear it
n i will get a big loves from him...
i whisper to u "love u"

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